I use every spare moment of my free time to paint.

I was never satisfied with just painting on canvas and watercolor paper. I need to push my parameters and found myself painting on anything that didn't move away from me. I became known for painting on ";untraditional canvases". I left no stone unturned....literally. I paint on stones, birch bark, wood, leaves, mat boards, T-shirts, glass and feathers. I've even painted on my own prints, changing and enhancing them.

At first I went to any and all places I could to set up and sell my work. As the years went by I found it more and more difficult to haul all these things to different venues as well as taking hours setting up and taking down. I had to re-think what I was doing, for there was no stopping my paintbrush. Being a prolific painter, I found myself with more boxes of items than I knew what to do with. As well as art work of all kinds, I had many craft items. So I did what any self--respecting artist would do....I took over a room in my home! Here I could hang my art and display almost all my other items. I am continually finding better ways of displaying my work.

I also needed to get my work out into the world. I now have people from all over buying and spreading the word about my art.

I love creating; and the feedback from the people who like my work is all the incentive I need to keep me inspired and to keep new items out there for all of you to choose from.

I truly appreciate all your support and encouragement. Thank you!

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