It's so much fun to paint for children.  In those paintings I can let my love for color and whimsy take flight!  I've been commissioned to paint for baby showers and first birthdays.  At first I did them in watercolor and matted and framed them.  But now I want to paint them in acrylic and to keep the price more reasonable sell them unframed.  Most will be on gallery canvas so that they don't need to be framed, but can if you'd like.  I have this one almost ready to go.  It's on a 12 x 16 inch canvas board and will need to be framed.  Once done it will be listed in my Etsy shop.  Locals can call or email me if interested.

When I first started painting I couldn't afford much as we were essentially living from paycheck to paycheck.  So I used what I had on hand.  Magarine tubs ( empty of course ) were my containers for water.  The lids were my pallette.  I quickly learned to put out only small dollops of paint and work my way into them as the outside hardened. There was less waste of paint that way.   I use the acrylics as I would oils and only use water to enable me to move the paint around easily.  I bought paintbrushes as I could afford them and soon leaned to clip and groom them as they wore out.  I was scrupulous in cleaning them as they lasted longer then.  I still have brushes from 'way back then in cans, jars and buckets as I couldn't seem to part with them they were so expensive to buy.  In choosing the brush to use at a particular point in my painting I find myself reaching for an old brush as much as new ones, to find the right one that will do just the right stroke to achieve the look I want.

Except for large paintings, I paint flat at the dining room table standing up.  When I have it established, I can then  sit and do the detail work; but often tip the board or canvas to get the right perspective of the image.  I find a table easel too upright and cumbersome.

For larger paintings, until just recently, I used an easel my husband, Bill, bought me for my birthday when I first started painting.  Took a big chunk out of our money, but I still have it.  Of course it is covered in paint, needs a pair of pliers to tighten the screws and has rubber bands on the legs to enable me to lift and lower them to different heights.  I now have a new easel.  It's still in it's box behind the door.  Someday, I'll actually use it.

My art has enabled me to afford my art supplies as the years have gone by.  Now, I indulge my craving for new kinds of paints, material and any art paraphernalia that catches my eye.  Blessings in this world of art.