I like it when I can leave most of my "canvas" untouched when painting an image on it.  Usually it's because the piece is beautiful in itself, such as the agate slices or wood I've been using the last few years.  

I buy agate slices wherever I can find them.  It was love at first sight!  I can't stop handling them and admiring their colors, shapes and patterns and I handle them a lot before painting on them.  It's the way an image forms in my mind that I think will enhance that particular piece.

I've been finding the most beautiful pieces of wood recently.  These "canvases" are superior in the grain and shape and I love sliding my hand across them as I study them for the best way to enhnace their particular inner beauty.  The ones I've finished I've been very pleased with.

The most challenging to see and paint are the rocks that have a definite shape.  These are so much fun to do!  They take a lot of handling and searching to find the image that's just right for them.  And what's fascinating is that someone else could see a totally different image and paint something else  entirely!

And lately I've listed some fused glass pendants which have lovely desings in the glass.

In this one I've followed the designs with feathers.  The others it's the swirl pattern that intrigued me.

And in this one it's what's happening in the design that suggested the owl from behind an opening of some kind ( insert your imagination here ).

So you can see that leaving well enough alone results in most unique and unusual images.  Happy image hunting!!