I have always been fascinated with wolves.  They are magnificient animals and have an interesting society.  They are social within the pack and often the members will help raise the cubs.  I read all I could about them.......and began to paint them.  Eventually I acquired a limited edition of one of my paintings titled: " In Harmony With Nature ".

I've painted them as cubs, as lone wolves, howling, hiding, running, playing.  I've even painted them with horses and unicorns.  Over the years you can see the progress I've made with getting the fur and eyes right.

I've had them under cover in winter.

I like painting the wolf alone rather than in a pack.

I did one painting that I titled:  " Devoted - Soulmates " 

I mostly paint the timber and grey wolves, but sometimes I paint them black or white.


I've done them in watercolor and on birch bark.

I did a few wolf cubs.

I've painted them on jewelry too.

I'm sure in the future I'll find something different that I can paint my beloved wolves on.  Keep watching!