I can't remember when I first picked up a piece of birch bark on one of the trails we meandered along on our camping trips.  I do remember turning it over and over, marveling at the color and texture.  I loved the way it curled and flaked on the one side, but it was the smoothness and color of the other that sent my mind racing.  Such posibilites to put paint to this perfect canvas that nature was providing!

Nature has always been the well from which I draw my inspirations.  The sights, sounds, colors and textures of this amazing world around me, sets my creative juices flowing.  In my excitement with this new way to create, I ended up with boxes and bags of pieces of birch bark of all sizes and shapes.  " Enough!" cried my husband.

I've painted fairly large pieces and very small pieces.  Most are framed, but some ended up as tree ornaments - painted scraps enhance with bells and bits of ribbon.  I have an idea of what I want to paint on each piece, but sometimes the piece just cries out for a certain something.  And when I paint birch trees on the birch bark I often build the tree from bits and pieces of bark to make the painting a little three dimentional.

No tree was harmed in my endeavors as I never take from a live tree.

Here Ive added pressed leaves and flowers.

This was on a 5 x 7 inch mat board and framed.