I love the chickadees that flit about in our yard summer and winter!  Their chorus of " chick-a-dee-dee-dee " always lifts my spirits and sends my creativity soaring.  Needless to say I paint them constantly.  I've been known as " the Chickadee Lady ".  I think I've sold many hundreds of paintings with them in it.

They are a bird for all seasons.  But I enjoy them most at my feeders in the winter.  Strangely enough, although I've painted them every which way but unside down, I have only painted a handful of paintings of them in winter.

I went through a phase of painting baby chickadees and they sold well.  They seemed to paint themselves into all kinds of expressions and people really liked them.  I haven't painted one in a while.  I called them my "funky" chickadees.   Perhaps it's time I did a few.


I've painted chickadees on every kind of canvas I could think of: canvasboard, stretched canvas, board, glass balls, leaves, birch bark. metal cans, etc.  They've been put into needlework and sold all over the world. 


My undying interested in these little muses will keep me painting them for as long as I can still find a way to paint them that's different and fresh.