Looking out the window this morning I noticed a squabble going on under the feeders.  While one grey squirrel dominated the feeding ground, two young crows were trying to get a few seeds too.  They would peck around keeping a wary eye on that squirrel and hop, flap a few feet away when he made short dashes at them.  Meanwhile a smaller squirrel was inching it’s way closer, busily tasting and trying every seed that came it’s way on the perimeter of this feeding ground.  The minute he stepped over that invisible line the first squirrel viewed as his territory, there was a dash and chase up and around the tree over branches and out of the yard.  The crows scattered and a flock of sparrows darted out from the huge blue spruce and settled on the feeders in a frenzy to grab what they could until the boss squirrel chased them away too!

I have painted only a very few squirrels over the years and mostly to just add them to an already full painting.  I don’t know why as I love watching them summer and winter.  They are mischievous, bold, naughty and sassy.  They’ve kept our dog young over the years of defending his yard against them.  And they’ve given him a merry chase and a challenge.

I have only one painting of these neighborhood clowns and it sold in the US.  Perhaps it’s time to put them in a painting again.